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Effective insulation is extremely important for interior and exterior refrigerant piping to control condensation, maintain the temperature of the return gas in the system, and enhance the efficiency, capacity and service life of the equipment.  


Any failures in the insulation on these pipes creates a tremendous loss in efficiency. Ice forms on the exposed sections of the copper pipes and can cause deformation of the copper and subsequent pipe failure. Therefore, a more durable protection for the insulation was necessary to combat the issues Brookshire Grocery was facing.  Ed’s Supply, Brookshire’s local wholesaler in El Dorado, AR, was familiar with the problems the grocery chain was having with its insulation and recognized the potential of K-Flex Clad® AL as a solution.

Brookshire Grocery:

Brookshire Grocery, located in Tyler, TX, found a solution for pipe insulation in K-Flex Clad® AL. The 160-store grocery chain recently installed K-Flex Clad® AL at two of its larger stores in Louisiana.

While many grocery stores install refrigeration condensers and piping in equipment rooms and piping inside the store, Brookshire installs theirs on the store roof, allowing for shorter pipe runs and easy access.

K-Flex Clad® AL is elastomeric tube insulation fully-adhered in the factory to a protective jacketing consisting of a multi-ply laminate of aluminum, PVC and UV-resistant film. The aluminum cladding makes the product resistant to abuse, impact, UV rays and is easy to clean.

K-Flex Clad® AL is an ideal insulation choice for outdoor and equipment room applications.

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