Zenesis House

Zenesis House, located in Paramus, NJ, is a 4,000-square-foot, LEED Platinum and Passive House project that harvests wind and solar energy, maximizes heat exchange with the ground, and collects and purifies water and snowmelt. In addition to a superior building envelope, the home features multiple heat recovery thermal storage and heat transfer systems.


K-Flex Insul-Tube and K-Flex Insul-Sheet were used inside and outside the home on pipe insulation, around ducts, and on storage tanks and equipment for temperatures ranging from 0°F to 170°F. 


K-FONIK AB 10 was also used as a sound absorber to reduce noise in the bedroom that shares a wall with the pump room.


“The project requirement was for minimal energy use to meet space conditioning & DHW loads. By using K-Flex, we were able to use low-temp heating distribution sources to effectively transport cold and warm water and air through different parts of the site at any given time, with minimal energy losses,” stated Raj Parikh, owner of the home and chief engineer behind the project.


After considering various options, K-Flex insulation products were chosen based on R-value performance and durability/longevity. The owners were most interested in a one-time cost and immediate thermal benefit over periodic replacement costs associated with lower cost insulation materials.


K-Flex Insul-Tube and K-Flex Insul-Sheet are the ideal choice when energy efficiency, long-term durability, and thermal performance are needed.


When looking for acoustic comfort, K-FONIK AB is best for sound absorption. 

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