K-FLEX® Elastomeric Foam Tape


K-FLEX® Elastomeric Foam Tape is an effective alternative to tubing insulation in tight areas where traditional insulation will not suffice. This tape is 1/4" or 1/8” thick x 2” wide x 30’ long and contains pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that allows the product to be wrapped around the pipe to reach desired thicknesses in restrictive areas.  

K-FLEX® Elastomeric Foam Tape is made from the same elastomeric material as K-FLEX tubes and sheets, meaning it provides the same great moisture-resistance and thermal properties. The factory-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) adheres firmly and forms a long-lasting bond, while the closed cell structure of the product provides good thermal and low moisture permeability properties.

K-FLEX® Elastomeric Foam Tape is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold water plumbing, chilled water, and refrigeration lines. It also reduces heat flow for hot water plumbing, liquid heating, and dual temperature piping.

K-FLEX® Elastomeric Foam Tape is ideal for insulating short runs of pipes or valves and fittings where it is impractical to install tubing insulation. The tape can be applied in multiple wraps (thickness) to meet various service conditions.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

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