K-FLEX DUCT® Liner Gray


K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray is elastomeric, closed-cell insulation specially designed as a fiber-free alternative to lining air handling units and ducts.  A uniquely tough skin surface is easy to clean and functional, providing an ideal surface to resist moisture and dirt.  The double-sided skin can be used with either side facing away from the applied surface, resulting in less waste if one side becomes damaged. 

K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray provides excellent thermal and acoustical properties.  Specifically, it provides noise reduction (NRC of .50  at 1" thickness) properties that outperform fiberglass in sound absorption coefficient values at frequencies below 500 Hz, energy conservation (R-4.2 at 1" thickness and R-8 at 2" thickness), and IAQ control (closed-cell structure prevents moisture intrusion and subsequent mold growth).

Recommended for applications ranging from -40°F to 200°F, the product is available in a range of widths (46" to 60") and thicknesses (1/2" to 2").

K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray is non-porous, fiber-free and prevents mold, fungal and bacterial growth.  For added protection, K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray is protected with an EPA-approved antimicrobial agent.  K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray is GREENGUARD® certified under the Children and Schools and Microbial Resistance classifications , and meets the 25/50 flame spread and smoke development rating up to 2” thickness according to ASTM E-84 standards.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.


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