Bellefonte High School

 When the duct liner specification for construction of Bellefonte High School in Bellefonte, PA called for flexible elastomeric duct liner, S. P. McCarl & Company, the winning bidder on the project, called Binghamton Hardware and HVAC Supply. The Bellefonte High School additions and renovations would be one of the largest projects in the area, with approximately 65,000 square feet of duct liner required.

Because S.P. McCarl & Company is not a full coil line shop, duct liner had to be installed manually, making any easy-to-use features helpful. “We are doing both TDC and slip and drive duct on this project, so it was very convenient that the K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray came in 56-1/4” and 59” widths,” stated Daren Lewis, sheet metal superintendent. “We have been ordering the liner 1-inch thick in 100-foot rolls in truckload quantities from Binghamton Hardware. Turnaround time has been excellent, and the minor issues we had with shipping damage, Binghamton and K-Flex took care of right away." 

S.P. McCarl & Company

Although S. P. McCarl & Company was formed in 1996, its history dates back to 1946 as part of McCarl’s Inc. Headquartered in Altoona, PA,  S.P. McCarl & Company provides a full range of plumbing and HVAC contracting services to customers in a 150-mile radius. While the company is comfortable operating in this area, it has been known to extend its range at the request of some of its customers. With 30 plus years experience in the sheet metal trade, S.P. McCarl & Company has done everything from restaurants to industrial facilities. 

K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray

The guys working for S.P. McCarl & Company in the shop and on site prefer working with the K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray. Designed for flexibility, but with a tough outer skin on both sides, K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray is more manageable than fiberglass because it doesn’t itch, rip and tear. Bill Scully, construction manager, was impressed with how well K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray holds up on the jobsite, particularly when exposed to the unavoidable rain and roof leaks that occur when working around occupied classrooms, where storage space on site is at a premium. In these tough conditions K-Flex Duct® Liner Gray holds up where fiberglass would have to be replaced. It also holds up well during actual installation, with no fear of damage to the exposed edges. 


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