Improved Physical Properties Announcement

K-Flex USA, a leading manufacturer of elastomeric insulation, announces physical property improvements (k-value of .245 at 75°F, wvt of .03 perm-in, and 0% water absorption by volume) that ensure lasting performance and protection against damaging moisture penetration. 
K-FLEX® insulation is an elastomeric polyvinyl PVC blend that is used indoors and outdoors as a thermal insulation in commercial and industrial applications that operate between -297°F and +220°F, including chilled water and ammonia piping, ductwork (liner and wrap), and storage tanks or vessels.  As a closed cell material, it resists crushing, weathering and moisture penetration.

In indoor applications, K-FLEX® insulation does not require a protective jacketing or coating.  In contrast, in jacketed open cell materials, any puncture or pinhole that permits moisture to enter the insulation material can result in a catastrophic failure given the relationship between percent moisture gained and subsequent thermal k erosion.  For outdoor applications where extra protection against standing water, UV, weather and animals is needed, K-FLEX offers Clad® AL, WT or IN that is either factory- or field-applied to the material. 

The announcement demonstrates K-Flex USA’s commitment to provide customers with products that deliver reliable performance, ease of installation, and low maintenance. 

For more information, contact K-FLEX customer service at 800-765-6475.

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