The Renaissance on Charleston Harbor

The Renaissance on Charleston Harbor is the latest home for K-Flex Clad® AL pipe insulation.  Located in the Patriots Point area of Charleston, South Carolina, this state-of-the-art condominium complex recently added K-Flex Clad® AL to piping on both of its 50-unit eight-story buildings.

Key to the project’s success was the experience of the construction team, which consisted of general contractor Caliber Construction Inc., whose experience includes more than 1,400 condominium units, and supplier Specialty Products and Insulation (SPI), a leading provider of superior solutions for the insulation and architectural industries.

One of the building’s homeowners and professional engineer, David Stamps, wanted to replace the existing insulation on the building’s exterior air conditioning piping that had degraded severely from UV exposure.  In order to improve the operation and efficiency of the AC systems, insulation was required for each condominium unit to maintain conditioned spaces and control condensation.

K-Flex Clad® AL is flexible closed-cell elastomeric insulation adhered to a factory-applied jacketing of aluminum.  As a result, K-Flex Clad® AL is easy to clean and is resistant to weather conditions, mechanical abuse, traffic impact and UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

After considering a variety of options that included covering K-Flex® Insul-Tube® insulation with competitor’s membranes, Stamps chose K-Flex Clad® AL 1” wall tubing for its proven energy efficiency capabilities and its factory-applied jacketing, as well as K-Fit® fittings and accessory items. 

Following the K-Flex Clad® AL Installation Guide, Caliber Construction Inc.’s Project Manager, David Jaskiewicz, installed all tubing outside, with 90% on the roof and 10% on ground level, in less than 3 months despite unusually cold temperatures.  According to Joe MacEachern, SPI Account Manager, Greg Deaton of Caliber Construction Inc. chose K-Flex Clad® AL over other competing options due to its ease of installation and its ability to exceed the level of durability needed for the Charleston climate.

“The number one value of K-Flex Clad® AL is the one-step installation process,” MacEachern said, referencing the ease of installation and overall cost advantage of the K-Flex product thanks to its cost savings on labor.

In addition to the installation benefits, MacEachern said that the product’s high level of performance durability with low maintenance requirements was another reason he would recommend K-Flex Clad® AL for future projects.

As The Renaissance on Charleston Harbor has found, K-Flex Clad® AL is the solution for outdoor pipe insulation.








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