K-FLEX CLAD® WT Fitting Covers


K-FLEX CLAD® WT Molded Fitting Covers are one-piece, white, pre-molded, high impact, heavy-gauge PVC fitting covers designed to fit standard elastomeric ID and wall sizes. 
The covers are designed to fit over K-FIT® factory-made 90° elbow fittings and are ideal for use with K-FLEX CLAD® WT pre-jacketed insulation on indoor or outdoor applications. The smooth surface reduces the tendency for dirt build up and allows for easy cleaning.

The fitting covers maintain the 25/50 flame smoke rating the K-FLEX CLAD® WT has when tested according to ASTM E 84, are NSF approved for use in washdown or food preparation areas, and have low wvt properties.
K-FLEX CLAD® WT Molded fitting covers offer a bright, high-gloss white, 0.30” gauge PVC fitting cover suitable for outdoor or indoor applications. The high gauge designation identifies the product as being specifically suitable for outdoor use. 

It is the ideal complement for K-FLEX CLAD® WT, K-FLEX CLAD® WT NS and K-FIT® insulation fittings on any food processing / handling, pharmaceutical or other clean room application. It offers an excellent appearance that is easy to maintain and clean with soap and water. The molded fitting covers can be used over the same temperature range as the insulation fittings. The fitting covers do not promote growth of fungi or bacteria (ASTM G 21, ASTM G 22).

K-FLEX® 120 Contact Adhesive should be used when installing K-FLEX CLAD® WT Molded fitting covers.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

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