K-Flex ECO® Sheet


K-Flex ECO® Sheet is a halogen-free, flexible, closed-cell elastomeric sheet insulation material for use on large O.D. pipes, vessels, tanks and ducts.  It is available in 36" x 48" sheets or 48" wide rolls up to 1" thick.

K-Flex ECO® Sheet is available with or without a factory-applied aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) release liner that allows for dramatically reduced installation time.

Designed for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry, K-Flex ECO® Sheet can withstand temperature ranges up to 250°F (300°F intermittent).  It does not contain halogens in accordance with U.S. Environmental Department standards, making it ideal for stainless steel applications above 90°F.  Additionally, K- Flex ECO® Sheet does not contain fibers, PVC, or CFCs – making it the best solution for enclosed areas on marine and cruise ships.

K-Flex ECO® Sheet complies with standards from Electric Boat Corporation (EB 4013), the U.S. Navy Environmental Department, and the International Maritime Organization (SOLAS agreement).

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

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