K-FLEX® LS Tube White


K-FLEX® LS Tube White is a white, flexible, closed-cell elastomeric tube insulation product designed for exposed piping areas or areas that require painting such as supermarkets, hospitals and schools.  The product's closed-cell structure creates exceptional thermal properties that protect against moisture penetration, condensation formation and heat gain or loss in applications within a -297°F to 220°F temperature range.

K-FLEX® LS Tube White
is used in commercial and industrial markets for its cold weather flexibility, durable skin surface, exacting manufacturing tolerances and lasting performance.  It is available
in 6’ lengths in wall thicknesses ranging from 1/2” to 2”.

K-FLEX® LS Tube White is non-porous, non-fibrous and resists mold, fungal and bacterial growth.  For added protection, it is protected with an antimicrobial agent. 

K-FLEX® LS Tube White is GREENGUARD® certified under the Children and Schools classification, is approved through supervision by the Factory Mutual Research Corporation, and is 25/50-rated when tested to ASTM E 84 standards.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

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