K-FLEX USA Sales Representatives

Outside Sales

HVAC/R & Plumbing Wholesale
Thomas Coley
National Sales Manager, HVAC/R & Plumbing
T: 919-720-0294
E: thomas.coley@kflexusa.com

Geoff Sarno

West Region Sales Manager, HVAC/R & Plumbing
T: 714-926-5435
E: geoff.sarno@kflexusa.com

Pat Kelliher
NE/MW Region Sales Manager, HVAC/R & Plumbing
T: 518-410-7678
E: pat.kelliher@kflexusa.com

Pepco Sales and Marketing
Manufacturers Representative, HVAC/R – TX/OK/LA/AR/NM

Leone-Green & Associates
Manufacturers Representative, HVAC/R – FL/GA/AL/MS/TN

Rhodes and Stafford
Manufacturers Representative, HVAC/R – NC/SC/VA

HBB Pro Sales Group, Inc.
Manufacturers Representative, HVAC/R – OH/MI/IN/KY/WV/Western PA

CARR Company
Manufacturers Representative, Refrigeration – FL


Commercial Insulation Distribution
Steve Brown
National Sales Manager, Commercial
T: 770-715-3713
E: steve.brown@kflexusa.com

Ben Vacula
NE Regional Sales Manager, Commercial
T: 518-925-3293
E: ben.vacula@kflexusa.com

Geoff Sarno
West Region Sales Manager, Commercial
T: 714-926-5435
E: geoff.sarno@kflexusa.com

Foam Fabrication
Laythan Bragdon
National Sales Manager, Performance Foams
T: 513-315-2496
E: laythan.bragdon@kflexusa.com

Technical Support
Bill Ronca
Business Development Manager, Specifications
T: 919-500-6815
E: bill.ronca@kflexusa.com

Luca Cuca
Business Development Manager, Industrial
T: 919-414-8870

Customer Service

Nicole Corsi
Customer Service Supervisor
T: 866-935-2103
E: Nicole.corsi@kflexusa.com

Danita Shreve
T: 866-802-5414
E: danita.shreve@kflexusa.com

Kacie Vaughan
T: 877-425-9313
E: kacie.vaughan@kflexusa.com

Rose Trembley
T: 800-881-7503
E: rose.trembley@kflexusa.com

Lisa Haagsman
T: 877-483-7538
E: lisa.haagsman@kflexusa.com

Shanae Crudup
T: 919-435-5550
E: shanae.crudup@kflexusa.com  

Eryn Bowling
T: 919-435-5562
E: eryn.bowling@kflexusa.com

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